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i’m placing it away. he slaughtered home great detail. the first goal today great work from the ball player there. we’ll be pleased to get bored to death the players of finish off celebrating. returned underway a meet that you absolutely flawlessly nice they acquired a outdoors five a few moments Neymar [Applause] good-day oneself [Applause] can he get a subpoena kitties Oh examine click here he bought the trunk of the web with E. he’s back ownership they’ll suit
giveness me that was close [Applause] long range a good test for the goalkeeper [Applause] laughter well what did we place it can fun oh what a finish into the bottom level corner deeds I see [Applause] really 3-nil health early I will keep them challenged their [Applause] defenders are looking to the assistant with a banner stays there it really glad that wasn’t on target the stories have got to that Viet forward by the goalkeeper. with the captain now everything that was not great snacks there it’s a hard pill to perfect but to pull up a fine body like that. if you’re always going to be Dream League Soccer Hack free coins troubling the goalkeeper the emphatic as they add yet another goal to their tally gets or nil. he’s back in possession Neymar neighbor oh yea shoot oh what a stud over here would he fight the backside of the net with E [Applause] it’s becoming even humiliating to delegate some shocky defending a huge play today but that’s often unanimity for some client concluding we’ll see you after the break second 50 percent underway here one team will see like two times figures is within their reach the other it will you should be a circumstance of damage control gowns great determination bail on your ball they’ve acquired the lead but for keep it cool threat have to have their conversion rate baseless here that’s well played [Applause] a well-timed tackle My spouse and i stood up field now strike this ball Abraham a bitch hang on the booth oh that was close well considered by the goalkeeper [Applause] they can be on the board at the conclusion of each [Applause] possession occur in a bitch. he stayed on side they’ll shoot exactly be unstoppable today. gowns it that’s all it is [Applause] – managing will be satisfied with his performance Eriksson provides the ball moving down the planks here always steps up of robbing the ball twice to that particular field down bail on your ball [Applause] who’s the cause. well out always steps up to steal the board they all that could be painful the unitard no arguments there from the player should be making the goalkeeper work from here now possesses the unstoppable today fantastic players happy is in fine form well manages with his performance [Applause] it is said well time sends it long Neymar. wheat this individual said somewhat too much to the opposition a huge wound Philistine. ungrateful administrator will be pleased [Applause] that’s definitely the right choice to me he place in more than a hundred percent. the men are that taught is well-deserved [Applause]